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Our In-lab health checkup appointments suspended until further notice to reduce COVID-19 spread.

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Tele Psychology Consultations 


Takes less than 60 seconds to complete.

How It Works

How It Works

The NRI is empowered

The leading causes of death in India include Heart disease, COPD, Stroke, Tuberculosis,  Diabetes, and Cancer.  Early detection and treatment of these illnesses and conditions can improve the health of your loved ones significantly before the illnesses become difficult to manage. 


It is hard to get our loved ones back home to take action.  So we created Bharosaa to empower the educated NRI and nudge their loved ones to get preventive health checkups.  Give the gift of health to your loved ones.


At Bharosaa, we have built a remote control for NRIs to easily schedule health checkups for their family in India.

End-To-End Patient Support

1-3 days before the Appointment

  • Care Manager gives fasting and other instructions.

On the Day of the Appointment ​

  • Patient will be received at the designated lab.

  • Chosen package of tests will be performed.

After the Appointment

  • Patient and the NRI receive the report online of all the tests performed.

  • Physician provides a summary of test results.

  • Care manager makes recommendations to see a specialist doctor in case of risk identification.

Designed to avoid delays & yield better treatment results

Decision making on available treatment options, follow-up tests for the second opinion, fear of treatment results adds months of delay in starting appropriate treatment. We experienced it ourselves so we created the solution where:  

  • The labs, hospitals, and second opinion networks are integrated. And we hand-hold the patient to smartly navigate the healthcare system.

  • Provide medical paperwork for NRIs to expedite visa processing time so they can travel to see their family.



Care designed as it is for our family

Kin Care for NRI Parents

Health Checkups at NABC & ISO Certified labs

Tele Health Consultations

Health Docs for NRI Emergency Travel

Prevention is the best medicine

Bringing Family Abroad?

Enroll them for Visiting Health Insurance
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