Frequently asked questions

Why Bharosaa?

Bharosaa take care of your elderly parents and family when you're far away. The personal Care Manager, understands the family member health condition, take necessary actions to make improvements from health and happiness standpoint. He also takes care of every health checkup appoinment management, getting the tests done, translates the summary of diagnosis reports and more.

Who are Care Managers and Why do we need them?

Care Managers are generally MBBS or PharmD doctors who understands the health needs of elderly people, gives personlized care to each family member. In a world of rat race, we understood that no one really has the time to care about our parents health. Leaving the elderly without proper attention, allowing them to skip the essential diagnosis makes them prone to widely increasing cancers in India. Our solution to this problem is a Personal Caremanager who understands the patient health in and out, move things quickly incase of an emergency, speaks to the doctors on your behalf, watches the hospitals are not mistreating or performing unnecessary tests. Also performs regular patient followups. In other words, our Care Managers are your peace of mind. Their only job is to give the complete attention to your family health!

Can I get a refund incase if I don't like the service?

The simple answer is Yes. If you don't like our service we will refund your money. However, Bharosaa plans and operating procedures are meticulosuly designed by American Doctors and NRIs to give our patients the best experience possible and improve the Patient Health and Happiness index. We have a zero tolerance policy for bad service. We take constant customer feedback and will take corrective course to ensure quality service.

What is the value we get if we register for an yearly subscription?

The Caremanagers look for the vitals trends of your family members to analyze whether the health is deteriorating or improving. They design constant action items for the family members and monitors the progress on a regular basis. For example, a Three Month Sugar average needs to checked on a regular basis.